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There are several plans and options to choose from to best suit your home’s specific requirements.

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My entire HVAC system has not had any malfunctions whatsoever prior to the motor breakdown on 5/16/18.

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If a violation of any local, state and/or federal law, rule, code or regulation is discovered before or during the repair service, Select will not be required to initiate and/or complete the repair service until the violation and/or potential violation is corrected by You. More…

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Then the part took three weeks to get in and we were dying. More…

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However, the words "home warranty" are not always used explicitly to mean a legal warranty is being conveyed. In many cases, at least in the United States, a home warranty is not a warranty at all, but rather a home service contract that covers the repair and/or replacement costs of home appliances, major systems such as heating and cooling, and possibly other components of a home, structural or otherwise. The home service contract generally covers home systems such as the home’s plumbing or electrical, and appliances like dishwashers that fail from old age/normal wear and tear. Coverage varies significantly across home warranty companies. Home warranty contracts do not cover all home repairs. Basic home warranty coverage includes the main systems of the home and certain appliances.

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Don’t buy extended warranties.

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